Just how much is “acting” involved in entrepreneurship? Are you thinking about fakes as of now?

Today had a session with celebrity and entertainer Razif Hashim where he touched on the skills involved in acting. And interestingly how that is related to entrepreneurship, particularly presentation related activities.

13697035_10157245960205492_8026262257294566052_n (1)
With celebrity entertainer Razif & his sidekick Suzuki

There are many skills with in the art of acting, e.g. breathing, tonality, etc., many of which is very applicable to entrepreneurship. Big names like Jobs, Obama, many more are perfect examples. I shall no dwell in the details for this post.

All in all, the session was very informative with discussions, theories and practical rehearsals to help all of us better understand and relate.

So just how much acting is involved in the world of entrepreneurship? Much more than we think!

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