Inside Out Upside Down

I am not the Wizard of Oz, though I don’t mind being one in this instance. The thoughts of being able to transform and impact an entire industry with the wave of a wand is simply too irresistible. 

How do we transform a company and industry, so entrenched into traditional? Bulldozing thru it would be nice but unfortunately the reality is we have to do it one step at a time. The key here is conviction, vision and perseverance. Equipped with these 3 key traits, we need to assemble a team too. This is the 2nd hurdle, possibly the biggest too.

Try inviting Generation Y folks into a traditionally entrenched industry. Only the craziest thrill seekers and most stubborn will step up for this challenge. All said and done, it is not impossible. Difficult, not impossible. We have embarked on a mission to recruit our own team IMF. 

In the initial stages, one will have to be a Rambo (one man demolition team) and prayerfully soon others will catch the vision too and come onboard. Then we will have our special forces team. Yes, this is me talking….man are boys too. We love our “actions”…, gadgets and armies.

To-date we have hit a few milestones and are pressing ahead for more.

If you are reading this, ask yourself….”Am I game for this challenge and adventure”. If you are , quickly drop us an email at

EGAN Forklift Parts Specialist 


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