Content below is extracted from the posting of Stephanne Foong (with permission)…

I must say that Malaysia is not very service-pro and not exactly a tipping culture.

My husband and I love to identify people with great service attitude, Who serve beyond. It’s really rare to find such.

I’ve tipped many waiters and waitress that are really good, we’ve tipped taxi drivers and once I gave rm50/100 Tip to a uber driver because I felt he was so humble; I’ve given consecutively to a shampoo lady RM50 tip everytime I was there on a weekly basis because imo she’s an elderly and still have to work, tipped janitors….as long as they touched my heart. And I’m not bragging because if you read till the end, that is not the intention of this write.

Everytime we identify a good waitress, cleaner, guard, masseurs, any service person, we seriously tip the person. My husband will do a further gesture , he personally shakes the person’s hand and say Thank you , ‘everytime’, not a one time thing.

The gesture of the handshake, looking into the person’s eye and saying thank you , is a warmer gesture and above the tips! It is us telling the person, “thank you for your excellent service.” We admire the way to go beyond your duty. We respect you! It is a dignity gesture! And we feel each time the person felt respected and honoured.

“Honor’ is a word poorly missing in “now” generation. Some don’t know how to honor elders, Leaders and how do we expect them to honor carpark attendants, toilet cleaner, waiters, rubbish collector…the so called more lowly work. We don’t just honor the rich , great and mighty (and pls dont twist my words. There’s nothing wrong honoring great people and celebrating them. They are honorable too). But Honor is not a limited edition, in this perspective.

But it’s sad. We somehow have to ‘slow down’ in doing good. Coz after a few years. We eventually realise that although we ‘sincerely’ blessed a person and appreciated. The person will somewhat landed in trouble.

It happened too many times. At one season, we were very blessed by two different waiters at two different restaurant. The first is Paul. They’re both Filipinos. I told my husband that I always stop by this restaurant for meal before spa. And I identified this young man with a pleasant smile, always serve with a smile, and always go beyond and remember little details like I do other want my soup cover removed and prefered my food course by course etc. My husband went with me and was delighted by his excellent service. He tipped him even more generously and shaked his hands everytime he joined me at the restaurant. We went there quite often. But our gesture created many green eyes. Monsters.

One day without any warning and goodbye. Paul was no longer around. I was shocked. He went back home without saying goodbye. I smelt something unpleasant.

Coincidentally it happened in other restaurants, spa…etc. They all became target of envy and heartache.

The Chinese has an idiom that says “good heart (intention) make bad outcome ” (hou sum juoh wy si).

God judge every MOTIVES of our hearts.

If you are one of those condemning the right people….may you take heart and see things from a ‘right’ perspective. Things may not always be as bad as you think. The bad is in a person’s mind. It’s called Malice aforethought.

See your own motives! Before you judge others.


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