COURAGE to Pursue Justice

The world is a crooked place. Whoa….sounds super negative? Well, I consider myself a positive person but fact is, the world is a crooked place, no thanks to some people.

In our daily life, especially in the marketplace, it is unavoidable to cross path with such people (unfortunately). These people sometimes look angelic, ironically but after some time, their true colors will be revealed.

Why COURAGE to pursue justice? We live in a very hectic and fast paced environment, especially for city folks. Often some may advice us to “close one eye” or “sweep it under the carpet” when it comes to injustice.

Well, I disagree. While I agree we should extend grace, it should not be blind or ignorant grace. Appreciative individuals will realize this and respond accordingly while the foolish view “grace” as opportunity to further their evil ways.

Excercising COURAGE often requires us to…

  1. Be Vocal
  2. Take Action, e.g. going to court
  3. Be Misunderstood (sometimes)
  4. Be Challenged (there will be some degree of vulnerability)

So what do we do? I say STAND UP and ACT! If everyone of us turns a blind eye, that is an endorsement of their evil ways or being an accomplice (indirectly).

Will you be COURAGEOUS too???


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