Strangely the thing that got me to sit down and write my blog is the word #RETRIBUTION. Am I thinking of something nasty or act of vengeance? Hmmm…….not exactly. It’s more like tic-for-tac.

In a world such as this and in some particular industry, a good deed may not necessarily be acknowledge or be reciprocated. As the saying goes, sometimes one need to be cruel to be kind.

So this particular business peer is into “I win – You lose” condition all the time. Not once, twice but all the time and in every situation. What do we do? Silence is not golden else this lady would have changed her ways long ago. Instead silence has been perceived as endorsement and acceptance.

There ain’t a patience that will stretch indefinitely.

So, do I get my boxing gloves out now? Most of the time it pays to be the good guy but for now, I may have to play a different role.


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