7 Treasures

Nope this is not the title of a new chinese or adventure film.

It is, according to my home chef, name of a soup fit for an Emperor 😀 Fuyoh…yeah you read right. Soup fit for a king. Credit goes to my home chef for another of her new creation.

What does it look this you ask???? Check this out…

7 Treasures by Stevaunne's Menu

My home chef has been flooded by messages from friends asking for her recipe. Well, don’t ask me because I am just the consumer. But what I can tell you is that the soup is made of 7 ingredients….

  1. Dried Scallops
  2. Baby Abalone
  3. Korean Cordycep
  4. Red dates
  5. Black date
  6. Keichi
  7. Shitake Mushrooms

My verdict of the soup??? Totally yum and nutritious. All thumbs up!

Again, who says we cannot have fine dining or delicious food at home? With my chef at home and her Stevaunne’s Menu, it is a lifestyle 🙂

NickG w 7 Treasures


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