The title tells it all. We are living in times of little patience. Everything has to happen in the blink of the eye — success, finances, fame, etc. While it is true that everything around us is happening faster and faster due to globalisation and a very competitive world, we cannot have #instant in everything.

Common sense tells us that a house cannot be built in a day, that is if you want a house with a solid foundation else it may not last the tests of strong winds and lashing rain, etc.

Similarly in life, including businesses, we have to adopt the stance of progression. Start from building a strong foundation then proceed from there, one step and a time. There are simply no short cuts. Of course there is always the adage easy come easy go.

Unless you are looking to eat instant noodles, riches and business are not built in day. Rome was not built in a day…..remember?

To all our NOW friends, NOW is good but not applicable to everything thing. It is just not possible.

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