Bling Bling Christmas

It is that time of the year again…..Christmas is just days away. YAY! We were delighted to be attending the private event of Tiffany x Prestige Christmas Cocktail last night.

Almost 80% of the guests were ladies. Surprise? Hey, they don’t call diamonds a girl’s best friend for nothing right? The men according to the ladies are only there to pay. Yes, men are the ATMs and credit cards…..and maybe bodyguard 🙂

Well, Tiffany never fails to excite with their brand, design and diamonds. Heads were turned, eyes opened, mouths salivating (just kidding). The event was very good with the excellent Tiffany service by the crews as well as the catering folks. Was made better by the presence of friends and the connecting. There was even carolling by a few young talented singers.

So did anyone buy anything? Of course….some left with bags of ***** (confidential). How about us? Well, am not telling you…hehe.

Blessed Happy Christmas folks!






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