Seen LOTR, Lord Of The Rings? Seen live theaters? Well, if you enjoyed those, you outta come see ChromeHeartOrigins. It is kinda a combination of LOTR, sci-fi and live theater.

ChromeHeartOrigins is a production by City Harvest Church KL aka CHCKL. If you for one minute assume that this is a “churchy” production where it is normally conservative, then you are in for a pleasant shock. This is hardly a “churchy” conservative boring church production.

ChromeHeartOrigins is the brainchild of Pastor Kevin Loo, a dynamic young preacher and senior pastor of CHCKL. The words that come to mind when watching ChromeHeartOrigins are WOW, current, relevant, trendy, engaging, etc…. Don’t take my word for it — Come witness and experience for yourself.

ChromeHeartOrigins is the final edition of a series of ChromeHeart productions over the years. Everything in the production, from music to casts to props….I mean A to Z is created and managed by members of CHCKL. We do not wish to reveal too much as it will lessen the WOW factor of watching it for the first time, live in CHCKL. But be ready to be mesmerised by flying casts, light sabers, fires, signing, dancing, futuristic backdrops, etc.

The premier of the production was last night 13 November 2014. GOOD NEWS! There are 4 more sessions for you to catch it:

  • Friday (14 Nov 2014) ~ 8.30pm
  • Saturday (15 Nov 2014) ~ 5pm & 8pm
  • Sunday (16 Nov 2014) ~ 10am

If you need more information, please refer to the following links:

Well, from the mouth of our friends, they were simply blown away. Nobody would have expected a church to be able to produce a production as magnificent and engaging as this. Little wonder, the famous director Jack Neo who came to see one of our productions gave his endorsement and even identified talents from the casts.

2014-11-14 03.06.02 2014-11-14 03.08.18 2014-11-14 03.08.22 2014-11-14 03.08.26 2014-11-14 03.08.29 2014-11-14 03.08.49 20141113_201130 20141113_213959


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