The Invisibles

Look around you. Do you have industries that you consider glamorous and those lesser? Some folks even use the word “underground” for industries that are unglamorous, as quoted by a fellow entrepreneur friend (from a glamorous industry). Even as employee, your tendency is to select to work in a glamorous industry ya? Nothing wrong with it….we humans are wired this way.

For me, I call the unglamorous industries “The Invisibles”. Do not ever underestimate them because many of them are vibrant industries consisting of amazing companies that are led by unbelievably talented individuals. Only difference is these companies do not attract attention from anywhere including the media.

In the world of entrepreneurship now loads of accolades and awards are given out to individuals and companies. If you analyze it carefully, you will see that most of them are from the “glamorous” industries, i.e. F&B, fashion, technology, social media, etc. Well, coming from The Invisibles industry myself, I wish to give a shoutout to my peers from The Invisibles. I have been fortunate to know many of them amazing talents. Everyday they do amazing stuff, contributing to the industry and economy while remaining under the radar….or should I say “not given an eye” by anyone else. These folks are international players, they have multiples companies, their company revenue is many digits, etc.

I salute The Invisibles because they go about their work quietly and in an unassuming manner. They have no media attention, no titles, etc. Yet they continue to progress and breaking boundaries.

Perhaps one day, I pray that they will receive some attention and recognition too. It will be great encouragement to them and validation of their efforts/contribution.

The Invisibles


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