Myself and business partner aka wife has a great passion for business. In our early days, we love to PIONEER businesses. Life was tough and challenging but it is the overcoming of challenges that provided the utmost satisfaction. We subscribe to the notion Entrepreneurs are Overcomers 🙂 .

As the years pass, physical limitations have naturally crept in, not to mention more important priorities such as more time for loved ones. Still, the entrepreneurial blood runs in us. In our early years, we faced challenges of securing funds as well as other critical support. With this in mind, we want to be a blessing, especially to the youth. Myself and wife are strong believers in the youth – in their dreams, ideas and vision. Sometimes all they need is a little support. Therefore we set out reaching out to the youth and their new start-ups.

We are thankful that we have now an established network of friends and entrepreneurs that are helping connect to the younger aspiring entrepreneurs. We receive proposals from all places on a regular basis and also engage with them. God willing, we have a few propositions that are progressing well and may translate into successful ventures.

How about you? Are an aspiring or inspiring entrepreneur too?


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