I Published A Book. I Am Expert

Have you ever had anyone told you that if you want to be considered an expert in your field, you need to write and publish books? Well, I’ve had many who told me that.

After receiving this advice countless number of times, I decided to do a more in-depth research. While there are certain books that are undeniably well written by certified experts, there are equal number of books whose contents are plain shallow.


From the perspective of someone who has a healthy general knowledge and specialising in a few, I was surprised that these individuals actually took the step to author and publish books. That’s all fine. I congratulate them on their books making it to the market but should they be branded experts? I have my reservations.

I guess since there is no proper guidelines or ethics to this, many more will jump on the bandwagon and publish books, proceeded by self branding as experts! We as readers will need to exercise our wisdom when reading these books and evaluate the authors proper. Use whatever information is relevant and continue keep your mind open for input from genuine experts, perhaps?

Enough said. If I continue writing this, I may well be perceived as sour grapes by some. Well, am just sharing my thoughts, without prejudice.


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