Which Cup of Coffee or Tea?

Morning wonderful people. Nah, this posting is not about food. Yes, I had wanted to continue writing about our recent holiday trip but just felt a need to interject it with this thought. So here we go….

Myself and business partner, coincidentally also my lifetime partner is always on the lookout for business opportunities. In recent years we have broadcast our intention to many of our networks. As such we receive business proposals on a regular basis.

In our recent holiday up north, I was particularly motivated to start a business there. After all, a wise man once told me that if you like that place very much and wish to visit it often then why not begin a business there. That would give you a good reason to travel there often.

In the midst of my holiday, I broadcasted my thoughts amongst my network of and lo & behold, I received quite a number of suggestions and proposals, of which a few are quite attractive. So here I am sharing this as I ponder and discuss in more detail with the respective individuals.

There are no guarantees that any of these discussions will bear any fruits but am always a positive person. At least we give it a go and see where God leads.

Ok, I am done. Now back to my omelette breakfast and flat white coffee.

Blessed weekend ya’all…

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