Restless is normally associated with the negative. But what does restless mean?

I am not ashamed to declare that I get restless each time I hear or read about someone venturing into something new or is doing well in their life/business. Yet I am at the same time contented.

I can almost hear come of you saying I am cuckoo. Contented and Restless mentioned in the same breath? Aye!

I am contented with the effort and progress I have made in my life. God has given me what He deems is best for me as of now. However I am also restless (in the good sense) each time I read about people doing well. I am restless because I am encouraged. I am motivated. I am reminded that there is always room for growth and improvement. I am glad and thankful that I am still able to feel restless. It is evident that there is still fire in me.

So as no you can see, it is not a matter of comparison with others nor is it greed. It is simply wanting to challenge myself to be the best I can be. It matters not if I achieve it as long as I made the effort.

I pray that God will continue to grant me the desire and feeling of restlessness. He wants me to PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens). Everyday I enter into the mode of PUSH & ACTION.

Are you feeling restless too???


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