To Write or Not To Write….that’s the Question

It’s been ages since I wrote anything in my blog, be it personal or business. Many have encouraged me to resume my writing. Actually, my interest to write is still there. Problem is I am sometimes too distracted by my many other commitments.

Dare I ask if anybody wishes I do not write at all?

Well, why am I suddenly writing ‘something’ now?

Perhaps the sight of one of our ministers in the Prime Minister’s department caused a sudden unexpected burst of inspiration? Coming back to this minister, well, maybe he is just in the mall for lunch but what caught my eye was a bodyguard that is always 2 steps behind him. Then I think about us normal Rakyat. Who will protect us? Let’s be realistic. Our dear country ain’t quite the safest at the moment.

Anyway, this is just my very brief thought. Gonna return to my lunch now.

Bon Appetit folks! 🙂


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