Checkout the definiton of LIFE in a dictionary and it will probably confuse you more.

Have not blogged for awhile because nothing motivated me enough mentally or emotionally till now. Unfortunately it had to be a negative news that moved me enough mentally and emotionally to login and write about it.

As you would have guessed, I am gonna touch on LIFE. My definition of LIFE is a simple Living In Finite Environment. We are born, we grow then we die. Yes, we do die. We are not immortals but mere mortals with no guarantees for tomorrow. Our life is a journey with a destination.

Moments ago, I received news about a good business friend who was just diagnosed with cancer. I had just met him last week and he was looking great and jovial. This news hit me and it hit me hard.

Perhaps it is not an understatement to say that we mortals are a foolish lot. We chase deadlines, pursue and accumulate wealth, set high goals, etc. Don’t misunderstand me…..all these are well and not sinful but what have we forsaken in our pursuit of those? What are we sacrificing? Is it worth it? Have we set our priorities right? Are we ‘investing’ in the right places?

News such as this brings us to a screeching halt and our mind and emotion is flooded with questions. No doubt the impact is evident “NOW” but we are also sadly short term memory mortals. In time, we lose sight again of our values and priorities and return to our foolish ways…..maybe not everyone.

Spare a thought and prayer for my friend (and family) that he will be strong and healed. Next spare a thought for yourself. What would you do if you are in his shoes? Would you have any regrets? Are you prepared to move on should God almighty says so?

Dying is a simple matter. Question is what have you done or how have you impacted the lives of people around you during your journey? Remember your loved ones too. They will remain here but have you done the needy to prepare for them?


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