Have a Heart….Me or Others

In this world and age, our favourite word tends to be “ME”. Maybe not everyone out there is like this but certainly we cannot deny that majority is.

Yesterday while I was attending the Crossover service in City Harvest Church KL, I felt God impressed the following upon my heart…

Pastor Kong and Sun, in everything that they do, it is geared towards others. Sure there are always skeptics that will allege that it is for personal fame and glory but as long as we are true to our hearts with the right intentions then persevere.

As human beings, being flesh and blood, it is our nature to always think and care for ourselves first before others. Self satisfaction, self gratification, self achievement, etc… But do we necessarily have to conform to our nature?

It is easier to place ME before others. Our flesh asks us “Why take the risk?”, “Where is the glory in that?”, “People may misunderstand you”, etc. At the end of it all, won’t it be easier to just mind our own business?

Our flesh and the world for that matter says you gotta be a somebody to be able to do something. So meanwhile, care for yourself and when you are UP THERE later, then consider doing something for others. It will not be too late

After all the above ran thru my mind, I was reminded of my past experiences, especially the Most challenging and difficult ones. They were definitely bitter then. Today, I am yet a SOMEBODY but this little nobody is still priceless to Him and can contribute much. A nobody in His hands becomes a Somebody. A minority in His hands becomes the Majority.

Thru my experiences, I am able to give counsel others. I am able to better understand, relate to their state of mind/emotion and even advise them. But before I do all these, I must fulfill these conditions. We must search our hearts and know the True intentions of our actions…

1. I am Willing to put others before Me. When I do, God will take care of me and I shall not lack any good thing
2. See and love people from His perspective.
3. Do it even if it means nobody will ever know about it
4. Let Him equip and guide us to bless others

There is unimaginable joy in putting others first. Blessing others is itself a blessing to ourselves.

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