My NIKE Disintegrated

A name that is so popular amongst many of us. I have been a NIKE user for as long as I remember. Thus far, my NIKE shoes have been a real pleasure to wear, providing me comfort and accompanying me to many places locally and internationally.

My recent experience with NIKE was *errrrr* shocking. Has anyone of you ever worn a branded sports shoe that disintegrated? Can it actually be possible?

Yes, it is very possible. We do not need to get the guys from Mythbusters to conduct experiments. My NIKE Reax did just that….it disintegrated.

In my recent trip to Korea, as usual, I brought one of my NIKE shoes. I brought my black NIKE Reax. Thus far I had only worn this shoe at home for a few months when exercising on the threadmill, which is about 2 times a week at about 15 minutes each session. Not heavy duty use right? Anyway, I decided to wear this “new” shoe for my 6 days 4 night Korean trip. On the 4th day, in the evening as I strolling along a shopping mall, my right foot felt a strange sensation. As I was too distracted with shopping, I ignored the sensation. An hour later while waiting for my fellow travel mates I looked at my shoe and to my horror, the back portion was breaking apart. Even the left shoe was breaking but not as severe as the right side.

The back is beginning to break
The whole sole seems to be coming off beginning from the back

Upon reaching the hotel, as I was alighting from the bus, my right shoe (back portion) disintegrated COMPLETELY. How is this possible? I walked with a limp for the next few minutes, drawing much attention from my concerned mates. They too were shocked to see the condition of my shoe. As I did not bring any spare shoes for this trip, something had to be done.

The next hour would see me limping to the nearest convenience store to buy super glue and borrowing a masking tape from the hotel. Why? I needed to tape my shoe (both sides) or whatever is left of it until I can buy a new pair.

To summarize the entire story, for half a day the following day, I had to walk limping on a fully taped shoe. It was not until evening that I had the opportunity to grab myself a new pair of shoes (not NIKE of course).

Coming back to Malaysia, I tried to seek clarification from NIKE on my shoe condition. My attempts to communicate on NIKE Malaysia’s FB failed. I had no idea who to contact. It was not until I sent an email to NIKE U.S that I received my reply….the reply says please contact the vendor who sold you the shoes. That’s it???

I am flabbergasted and disappointed with the response (or rather the lack of it) from NIKE. Never had I worn a shoe (new and genuine) that disintegrated so easily and quickly. Questions many of my travel mates still ask me “Are you getting any assistance? Are you getting explanation on the situation?” Obviously NOT. It’s like running and hitting against a wall each time I try. It would be much simpler to consider myself unlucky to have bought a NIKE shoe and to experience it disintegrating rather than waste time trying to seek clarification or assistance, right?


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