Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Grand Prix KL 2012

…looked like the whole celebrity community descended upon Thean How Temple for this event.

Was initially planning to be early as was concerned about parking but seems that they had valet parking service which solved our problems. Incidentally, we were a little late arriving.

Upon arrival, first impression was “will we all fit inside the hall”? There are so many people and of course there is the drooling Mercedes strategically located to welcome you.

The invitation ticket stated that the event would start at 8:30pm but it did not start until 9:30pm. Guests were walking part of the runway as we enter to look for our seats. Walla…it was a perfect fit as everybody was sitted.

The theme for the night was Kronenbourg Night: L’Aperitif Fashion by Gallo and hairstyles by A Cut Above and Miko (dress code French). Question: Combien d’invités venus en tenue de français? peu (English: How many guests came in French attire? Few).

The evening started with Carven Ong’s showcase of his designs. Carven definitely did not disappoint with his elegant and sharp designs.

Next came the hair(s)… some instances lots and lots of it. Ovation for A Cut Above (ACA) please…. Maestro Winnie and team definitely outdid themselves. We came expecting some great and was treated to “out-of-this-world” presentation. There were “oooohs” and “ahhhhhs” amongst the guests as the models strut their stuff.

After Winnie came Lois Lee, another reputable Malaysian hairstylist. It was indeed colourful though a tit more toned down compared to ACA’s.

The show ended around 10:30pm but it was not the end but after a short break for snacks (dim sum was served….yum yum), it transited to party time. Yup, if you are for it, this is your opportunity to rock the night away.

We had a good evening catching up with friends while enjoying the show.

Maestro hair stylist Winnie Loo
w/ Richard Teo, Managing Director of A Cut Above....a wonderfully capable & humble man
Winnie Loo, the name says it all
w/ Keith Kee, Fashion Designer Extraordinaire
w/ ever awesome & cool Dennis Lau, electric violinist, songwriter, actor, etc.

The collaboration between Mercedes-Benz, STYLO, Kronenbourg is explosive to say the least. It is a perfect match. Bravo (eng: Well Done)


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