Voters 0 Politicians 1

Is this the outcome of our upcoming 13th General Elections?

I have much in my mind about our nation and politics. However, for the sensitivity of certain people, it is best that this content is kept simple. People have been brought to the courts for merely sharing their thoughts but perceived by some people as controversial and questioning their position/power.

I am but a normal working class Malaysian citizen who is proud to be a Malaysian and wish for peace, harmony and prosperity for all. Everyday in the media we read about the unending squabbles and mud throwing by our supposedly “matured” & “professional” politicians. Most of the issues areĀ associated to power and control. Is that all there is toĀ being a politician?

I cannot help it but be amused and at the same time disgusted. If you politicians are reading this, I have but a few simple questions for you….:

  1. Are you a politician for personal mileage/benefit or genuinely want to serve the people?
  2. Do you have to react to other immature politicians instead of ignoring them or responding sensibly to them?
  3. What is “position” to you?
  4. All politicians claim to listen. My question “Are you listening to understand or just hearing sounds”?
  5. Are you for your party or for the nation?
  6. What is more important – races or “Malaysians”?

The above questions, if you are really to give a honest answer, we will listen but more importantly, remember that your answers are also heard by our Maker. You are responsible for your answer.

I remember the many times when I was travelling. In conversations, I hear everybody claiming themselves to be Malaysians, not a specific “race” but when we are in this country we tend to identify ourselves as “race”. WHY?

Dear politicians, you are elected by “Malaysians” to your position. Love your responsibility more than your position and benefits. Malaysians are a tolerant bunch butĀ not dumb nor ignorant. Fulfill your responsibility to the people and nation and whichever party you belong to, you will be remembered and elected.

As for listening, please stop claiming that you are. Sad for many of us, you are not. Politicians, you are still hearing more than listening. Drop your ego and prejudice and I believe you will listen & “understand” much better.

My final question. After the 13th General Election, what would the score be?

Voters 0 Politicians 1 (or)

Voters 1 Politicians 0


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