Have you ever experienced moments where you completely misjudged a person? A man who wears slippers with singlet and shorts may be construed as a pauper while he is actually a millionaire and vise-versa.

I had a very interesting (to some extent confused) experience today. The story goes like this…

I was in one of the Starbucks outlet doing my work. All was well. Service was good, coffee was satisfactory, crowd was there but not noisy and air-conditioning & seating was pleasant. I was seated in those single seater chair and table. Two tables away was another patron who was equally engrossed in work.

In the midst of brainstorming, I noticed a foreigner walking in and out, as if he was searching for something. What caught my attention was his behaviour. Visualize this ~ he was untidily dressed, messy hair, wearing slippers and carrying one bag together with a few plastic bags of stuff. Got it? You have a visual in your mind now?

#1   Would you say he is FROG or PRINCE?

Well, he continued his going in and out of the outlet until he eventually sat 2 tables away from me with his bag on the seat and plastic bags strewn around the floor. As soon as he sat down, I smelt something fishy “literally”. It gave me the impression he came from the rubbish dump or he had not bathed for days. Anyway I ignored him and continued with my work while he seemed quite contented with looking around. Within 3mins of him sitting down, the other patron 2 tables away hastily left.  Still I continued with my work.

#2   Would you say he is FROG or PRINCE?

The next thing that happened surprised me. He took out a laptop from his dirty looking bag including a seemingly branded headphone. I was very curious about him and yet was not willing to risk him finding out that I was quietly cautiously peeking at him.

#3   Would you say he is FROG or PRINCE?

He seemed to start doing some work on the laptop with headphone on his head. After a few minutes he stopped and looked around as if he was lost. He even seemed to be talking to himself. All this while he constantly shifted his body posture, at times even sitting like a trishaw man (no disrespect meant).

#4   Would you say he is FROG or PRINCE?

After another 5 minutes, I decided he’s becoming a tad too much a distraction. I packed my stuff and left, still quite amused while at same time confused with this character. Throughout his time there he did not order any drinks.

I noticed that through my observations of him, I wandered between categorizing him as FROG and PRINCE.  I mean no disrespect to this man but he is one the most interesting characters I have met in my life. At the end of the day I was not able to decide if he was a FROG or PRINCE.


2 thoughts on “FROG or PRINCE?

  1. My conclusion : He is a froggy prince! Haha!

    As evident from his hardware, he is hardly a pauper but as evident from his behaviour ie. did not order drink when seated inside a Starbucks outlet, he is cheap! Thus he is a froggy prince.

    Though he is a prince, you do not want to be near him! Haha!

    1. Good one KK. Froggy Prince. Anyway I did not want to be near him coz he was a distraction with his antics and “odour”.

      The Starbucks was looking at him from afar occasionally but nobody approached him

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