Mozzie Oi Oi

Buzz Buzz Buzz …  this sound though is soft is one of the most annoying sounds to many people. Lately I have not written much about anything due to a very hectic work schedule as well as writer’s block (haha…trying to sound professional).

However in the past few weeks, one incident keeps recurring on a daily evening. MOZZIE. Just in case you think I am trying to speak some Aussie language, I am not. Mozzie that I mention is Mosquito.

Every night without fail we will have a faithful visitation from our Mozzie friend. Needless to say it will hover around my ears for a while to announce it’s arrival and then proceed to nibble at one of my toes. Then the itches of all itches will prevent me from sleeping for the next half hour. ARRRRGGGGH!

What I am writing here is not about the itch, buzzing sound nor the frustration & irritation. What I was captivated was the seemingly increased intelligence of our mozzie friend.


I can imagine some people sniggering at me for being silly. In the past it was relatively easy to catch and beat the mozzies. However in the past few weeks they seem to be faster, more mobile and better in hiding. It’s like you see them and as soon as you blink *poof* they disappear. Even if we have them within our sights, try beating them. It is somehow much more difficult now. Trying to beat them reminds me of a F16 dogfight. Yeah, I am finding this funny too but it is true. These are FACTS, not information being dramatized.

Rise of Planet of the Apes shows apes becoming intelligent and taking over the world. Can mozzies possibly become more intelligent too? Ok Ok, I will stop this intelligence theory. Hold on to your pants so that it does not drop off with you laughing so hard. Will you laugh it I stop speculating on their intelligence and move to “heightened senses” instead?

As of now, we have tried sprays, mozzie coils and even aircond. Yet they are resilient enough to remain there and continue to insist on bugging us every night.

Apparently we do not have a solution at hand and this age old battle continue indefinitely….

For mozzie fans (if any), here are some brief facts (non-exhaustive):

  1. All mosquitoes are not alike
  2. They carry many disease
  3. The female thrives on blood
  4. They eat all sorts of things
  5. They have poor eye-sight
  6. They hibernate
  7. They have no teeth
  8. They can drink up to 3x it’s weight in blood
  9. Misc.

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