Big Boys Toys

Cars have always been a passion though I do not buy every other car I come across *sigh of relief*. I however did buy every other matchbox cars in my younger years. So you can imagine my reaction when I saw the “car” below when I was casually strolling in one of our local shopping malls….

Imagine my reaction when I saw this “blue” Troy-alike car in front of me. Needless to say, I went a little “ga-ga” and started snapping pics. It was even more fun as my wife shared thre same passion. We were like small kids going oooh….aaaah…. snap snap. In case you’re wondering what car this is? Look below

Range Rover Evoque

Mind you, Range Rover has always been on my “dream car” shortlist. Of course there is there lower range Land Rover, i.e. Freelander which in my opinon is quite cool too.

There was a team of salespeople there but they all seem too laidback to approach anybody to promote and perhaps get sales? I would be a good prospect. Perhaps they wanted me to save my money? I might have bought the car if they had talked to me (or maybe not since my wife was there… :p)

Coming back to the blue “Troy-like” car, it is basically a very clever lump of steel bars cleverly twisted and bent into the shape of the Evoque, well supported by the blue lights. Mmmmm…this car will indeed make it into the shortlist of most guys.

Go check it out at the Gardens! Bring your good camera. Too bad I only had my entry level Sony Ericsson Xperia mini X-10 phone to take the pics.


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