Shopping in Sauna

This is the season to be jolly. No, we are still months away from Christmas. Rather it is now the season to have lighter pockets courtesy of SALES season! All ladies can jump for joy!

Haha…our shopping adventure started last weekend. Wow, the crowd in the malls are large! So many people spending so much money. Who says economy is bad eh?

Anyway, shopping experience in Malaysia can be quite dramatic. Here’s our encounters last week:

Sales people – seem really tired already or rather sick of the idea of sales. Maybe sales means more people and therefore more work? No wonder some of them seem uninterested to help or cannot even find the energy to smile.

Sauna – how about losing some weight while shopping? No doubt with all the walking and carrying (bags of joyful shopping items), one can possibly lose weight. Then again there are retail outlets that offer free sauna. Yesterday, was in one of the outlets whom incidentally installed so many spotlights. Wow! The outlet is bright! I need to wear my shades. As soon as I step into the place, I can literally feel the warmth (not of service but of the light). After 10 minutes in there, I can feel my sweat trickling down my neck and back. Why in the world do they need so many spotlights? It is so bright that even the blind. I guess maybe it’s called value-add. Lose  weight while you shop 🙂

Well, I definitely felt lighter after the shopping. Felt lighter in my pockets and also my body. I suspect my biceps have also grown? hahaha.

To all of you shopaholics out there, Happy Shopping. On behalf of our government, thank you for your contribution to our economy. And to the retail outlets, can you perhaps cool down the place? Our wallets are already smoking. We do not be smoking physically ourselves.


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