Freak Weather Spectacle

I have read about it in the papers, seen it in the tv news and movies but today I witnessed the prowess of mother nature.

At about 1.30pm, weather turned really dark. After 5 minutes, rain started to pour. It was as if water was released from the dam up above the heavens. After another 10mins, wind picked up. The strong winds lasted less than 10 seconds and was so strong that the rain was moving almost horizontally.

10 seconds is not long but the fury unleased by mother nature was enough to bring down trees all over the place. I was looking out the office together with a few members of my staff when we saw the first small tree crashed. Then the next, then the next. It was like a domino effect.

We are but small little creatures compared to the force of mother nature. Now is half hour from the first rain drop and it is now only drizzling. The damage is severe. Cars are dented and crushed. Trees (BIG trees) were uprooted.

My car incidentally was parked next to a tree too but this tree did not crash though the trees everywhere were. Who cares about the rain and wind. As soon as I saw trees falling, I quickly hopped into my car and moved it to a place where there are no trees.

I truly thank God for His protection. My staffs were scratching their heads in disbelief that this tree did not crashed while bigger and stronger ones did.

Now that I am finishing this blog, the rain has stopped completely and the sun is out!


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