Eating Out of a Toilet Bowl

Please don’t freak out. This is a true story. We did eat out of a toilet bowl. Gross? Don’t be. You may find it fun too :p

Let us bring you to T-bowl Concept Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid. Everything (well, almost everything) here from the bowls, plates, seats, table, etc. resembles some sort of toilet-lookalike accessory/tool. The restaurant started it’s operations in Queensbay Mall, Penang and soon made it’s way to the Klang valley.

The restaurant itself is not very spacious but sufficient space is available for comfortable seating.

Some food displays at the entrance to the restaurant
T-bowl Menu

If you have never ate in a “toilet” before, then you have got to be at least a little intrigued by the idea. A word of suggestion is not to be to “imaginative”…you do not wish to spoil your appetite ya? :p

Anyway, coming back to the food, he seats are toilet bowls (without cushion) and the covers to the toilet bowls can be opened. Is it a good idea to open it? Mmmm….maybe not. I opened mine out of curiosity and inside looked kinda dirty. *yucks*

The table top is glass while beneath it is either basins, sinks or baththub.

Anybody need a toothbrush?
Please take your sit / seat and you can proceed with your "business"
Anybody care for a bath while you're eating?

Looking at the menu, the food does look quite attractive. Choices are aplenty and we were very keen to try it…

Kimchi Seafood Ramen
Kimchi Seafood Ramen
Oreo Blended
Cheese Baked Scallop
Chinese Mambo Pork Rice

So what is our verdict? Quality of food is acceptable but not excellent – so nothing much to comment. One particular letdown was the Oreo Blended.  The plus in this dining experience are the toilet environment which is kinda interesting.

In terms of service, there is room for improvement. It seems that the “foreigners” waiters provide better service than the chinese speaking ones. Oh they are kinda “calculative” too.  Will we return? Mmmm..maybe not so soon. There is many more places out there with better quality of food but if you have never tried the T-bowl restaurant, do try it and have a good laugh!

When we were eating, our neighboring table family has a young daughter. She was really funny. She saw the toilet bowl seats and while waiting for food, humored her parents by pretending to be in the toilet needing to do her “business” which gave us all a good laugh.


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