NickG, my Indiana Jones Blogging Adventure

Yeeha....I feel like the Indiana Jones "blogger"

Looking back at months past since I started blogging, I feel that I have come a long way. For starters, I begun my blogging adventure without any directions or know-how.

It was very much like being put in the middle of a dark room. What happened then was bumping around in the dark trying to search for the light switch.It was ouch here and ouch there accompanied by some minor bruises. Of course the bruises were not physical but stress and tiredness.

So where am I now? I still consider myself an amateur though I have learnt and progressed much. I figure I still got a long way to go before qualifying myself as an expert blogger. Do I want to be a celebrity blogger? Mmmmm….not my priority but if it happens, then it is a bonus to me.

As of now, amazingly, I am managing 3 blogs (biz) and 3.5 facebook pages (biz). Mind you I am not a person with abundance of free and leisure time. I am a Entrepreneur involved in 4 businesses. Needless to say, I am always kept on my feet.

Nonetheless I thank God for His wisdom and strength. My blogging journey thus far has been short of nothing but EXCITING. My passion is as strong as ever on blogging and in the midst of busy schedule, am able to find some time to write. Credit also goes to my dearest wife for her constant support, understanding and encouragement.

The journey is long and there is still much to learn. However, I humbly accept this challenge and look forward to learning from my mistakes as well as the experience/sharing of others. I also draw comfort in knowing that throughout this journey, my God and dearest wife will be with me. Hey, what more can a man ask for!


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