Knight in Shining Armor @ Home

I recall vividly the days when I was kinda intimidated by roaches, insects and rats. Of course those were the days and I was still very young. Back then it crossed my mind what would happen when I got married and these “pest(s)” surfaced. Well, as days past I forgot about this matter.

Needless to say, I grew up and got married. I have my own home or should I say my Castle! Over the past few years, I have encountered countless times of having to deal with roaches, insects and rats. Thank God I did not freak out or was as timid as when I was young.

I proudly say I am likened to be a Knight in shining armor riding to the rescue of my fair maiden (my wife) each time a pest invades our home. If I am still timid, then probably it will be “maiden to the rescue of the knight”… hahaha … I cannot imagine this scenario. It will be so embarassing.

Anyway, this Knight has to prepare to retire for the night. Good night folks!


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