Increased Crowd = Lower Food Quality

Just returned from celebrating Mother’s Day over a “good” dinner in a renowned restaurant. Mother’s Day seems to have brought every family in town out into the streets and into restaurants.

Restaurants everywhere are having a bumper-to-bumper business. If you were also dining today, how was the food quality? I noticed over many festive seasons that when the crowd is out and plentiful, then quality of food tend to suffer.

Do our F&B operators have code of conduct? Do they guarantee to serve quality food regardless of the situation? If my memory serves me correctly, the price during festive seasons are even more expensive. If so, how is it that food quality drops? Where is the integrity in that? Are consumers being taken for a ride and treated like fools?

Personally, I know of a few F&B establishments that DO NOT compromise on food quality. They will do whatever it takes to maintain that quality, to the extent of making customers wait for ages or turning away customers.

Personally, I prefer to wait or be turned away rather than be paying higher prices for sub-standard food. Let’s hope our F&B industry (all levels) will someday mature and serve “value” food to it’s patrons.

Hope all of you had a wonderful fellowship with your family regardless of the quality of food… 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Increased Crowd = Lower Food Quality

  1. Code of conduct? You must be joking! Terms like that are fast becoming a thing of the past. Not many treat it seriously anymore. Those that tout it are mostly paying it lip service only and not upholding the true meaning of the term.

    Nowadays, more and more businesses are all about profit only rather than legitimately filling a need and being responsible for it.

    Take for example my son’s babysitter. We pay her close to RM 800 a month to care for him during working hours on weekdays and he comes home most evenings with rashes on his neck, around his private parts and a more than overflowing diaper. These symptoms will usually disappear over the weekend when he’s with us. That shows you the level of commitment and care the babysitter has put in to her job. I understand that we naturally will pour in more attention to our own child but this is close to total neglect.

    Initially she told us that she will take in a maximum of four kids to babysit. Yesterday we found out she is looking after 5 kids including my son. With her integrity shot to pieces and poor track record, we are changing the babysitter. Code of conduct? It’s for show only. Seldom practiced in reality nowadays.

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