1Malaysia – Walk the Talk

Sarawak elections are over. Peace at last or is it?

1Malaysia has been emphasized much in recent years. As a Malaysian, I strongly believe no individuals in their right frame of mind will reject an idea or concept that is good for the country and ultimately every Malaysian.

The doubts or fire on 1Malaysia concept has more often than not being caused by the people in authority, i.e. leaders of certain groups or political parties and recently the editor of a certain newspaper.

Referring to the Sarawak elections, why is it that if the outcome is as predicted by the ruling coalition, then all is well and support is given from all quarters/races/groups/etc.? If the outcome is different, then the blaming game starts? It seems that it is always the “wrong” of the voters if results are not as expected. Of course if it happens to be a group of people, then the word “race” will appear in debates.

Question for all politicians and leaders – does a inferior result or defeat mean it is the fault of the voters or does it mean there has been a deficiency in the politician/party? Does the result not shout out –

“Hey, you are not up to mark”

“Hey, there are rooms for improvement”

“Hey, you are not listening”

How do you think the voters regardless of race feels if the blame is always on them? One should always look in the mirror and reflect upon their performance and weaknesses before pointing fingers. Being willing and able to admit one’s weakness and improve is a sign of maturity.

I strongly believe that as a professional mid age Malaysian, we are more matured in our expectations of our country’s leaders. While our Prime Minister may be doing his best to promote unity, the people who are supposed to be supporting him may be the ones causing the damage.

Are we not proud to be Malaysians? I personally have good friends of all races not because of color/ethnic but because we’re Malaysians. When I was studying overseas and now as an Entrepreneur, I always refer myself as a Malaysian, not Chinese or Chinese Malaysian. I was and am proud to be a Malaysian.

So to all the people in positions of power and authority or in positions to influence, stop the blaming game. A NO from the voters is not a condemnation but an expression that there is room for improvement. Put aside all ego and pride and exercise humility and understanding. Our leaders need to recognise the fact that Malaysians are a lot more matured now. Being peace-loving people, we do not take our grouses to the streets but let it reflected via the polls. It is not about race, ethnic, religion but about humility, understanding, servanthood.

Perhaps the average Malaysians are matured than some of our leaders? Let’s hope our leaders prove us wrong.

 We are Malaysians. This is a fact!



“We are Malaysians”

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