Weirdo in Cinema

If you are an ardent cinema goer, then you would have seen all kinds of antics. I have been a movie fan and going to cinemas as long as I can remember. You will not believe what myself and wife witnessed today.

While waiting for the movie to start (btw, the movie we were watching was Limitless), as usual, the cinema lights will be dimmed. At that point in time, a lady walked in and sat 2 seats away from us. As soon as she sat down, she started to exercise her head. Yeah – exercise her head – all the bending (all directions), shaking, etc. As she continued, I was thinking in my mind if she might do some stretching exercises.

Lo and behold, I might have thought too loudly. She stood up and began her stretching exercises. Hey, all these are happening smack in the middle of the cinema. Weird!

To make the experience more interesting, as soon as the movie commenced, her friend walked in and sat between me and her friend. She came with many many bags and had to squeeze through the seats to get to her friend. As soon as this lady sat down, they began to chat. Unbelievable is it not? They chatted and chatted. It continued until I could tolerate no more and asked them to stop. Good thing they stopped instantaneously.

After about 10 mins, I felt as if the seats were vibrating. It went on for at least 20 mins. I was puzzled. Then I noticed it was because the lady next to me (with the many bags) was shaking her leg.

Just when I thought I have seen it all, these two really proved me wrong.

By the way, the other weirdest experience in a cinema is having people bring durians into the hall.  What happened next? That is another story for another time.

Good night folks.

p/s: if you’ve not seen Limitless, it is recommended! Go see it.


3 thoughts on “Weirdo in Cinema

  1. I would have told the leg shaking lady to shake else where and I don’t need an “OSIM” chair. I will asked her, “Excuse me lady, do you work in OSIM? If you are do please stop shaking the whole chair for heaven sake”!

  2. William, we need to know who we’re talking to. If the person is weird, then it is best not to do anything. Never know what might happen…. Jst need to chill unless can bear no more la… 🙂

  3. Haha! Like they always say – Fact is stranger than fiction! Proven true when the antics of your neighbour raised your eyebrows higher than the story in the movie can!

    My cinema going days may be over. There’re so many movies that I wanted to see when they are released but I never seem to have the time to go watch them on the big screen. Most times I just buy the DVDs after they finished their run in the cinemas.( I buy only original movies on DVDs nowadays, if you’re wondering.)

    I have in my hands 2 gift vouchers for GSC’s Gold Class halls. Got them as a Christmas present and guess what? Those vouchers are still there in the cupboard at home! Expiry date is 17 May 2011. I really, really, really hope that I can utilize them before they expire!!

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