Chee Cheong Fun Galore…

Calling all Chee Cheong Fun lovers. There is a small shop in Pudu along Jalan Brunei Barat that sells Chee Cheong Fun.

Among the recommended on the menu is the curry/sauce chee cheong fun, “fu pei”, fried wantan, fishball, etc.

The shop is kinda small with 2 tables on the outside and an airconditioned room inside (rectangular shaped – moderate sized). If you want to try the food here, it is strongly recommended that you be early. Also be mindful that since the road it is located on is actually only a small narrow road, parking is a major obstacle.

If you’re there in the daytime, be careful of DBKL as they come quite frequently to issue summons.

The other plus side about this shop besides the tasty chee cheong fun is that it is clean. Everything from the kitchen to toilet is specky clean. If you’re worried about the heat, sit inside where it is airconditioned and fanned.

Yap Hup Kee is located along Jalan Brunei Barat, Pudu



Inside Yap Hup Kee (air conditioned)

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