Intrusion in Pavilion

Pavilion is one of renowned shopping places in Kuala Lumpur and possibly Malaysia. It is supposed to be posh, classy and safe of course.

However recently security seems to be a concern. Has anyone noticed the large crowds of youth outside and inside? There are so many of them that they resemble a mob at times. I am not referring to decent behaving youth but these groups are rowdy.

Just last weekend when I was in there, I noticed a large group of youth (many dressed like punks) hanging inside the male toilet. They were causing ruckus inside there. I can only look in shock at what what possible future these youth will have. Even the cleaner was looking at them in disbelief.

Then these group adjourned to the area outside the toilets where they supposedly waited for their girlfriends. While waiting, they were again rowdy and few of them even tried to walk into the ladies toilet.

They thought they were being funny and brave. One may ask what can I do if they had done so. There was only ‘1’ me and so many of them. Even when the security guard walked past, they just pretended not to notice them.

My question to the Pavilion management, what guarantees of security do we have?


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