Spotlight Hoggers

I have sat in quite a number of committees through the years and one thing I notice is that in almost all of these committees, there will be at least one individual who is what I label as “Spotlight Hoggers”. How do I define them as spotlight hoggers?

Few points:

  • They talk talk talk taaaaaaaaalk non-stop. They “yak yak yak” from beginning of the meeting to the end
  • They must engage or intrude in everything, i.e. they do not allow anyone to finsh a sentence and must insert their thoughts interrupting people
  • They must and will do their utmost best to project themselves as capable, intelligent, knowledgeable, etc. It’s almost like they want to show the world “Hey, look at me! I am here! Pay attention to me!”

It is just like what some of us say – the empty vessels makes the most noise. Just last night in one of the committee meetings I attended, I had the “un-privilege” of listening to one “Spotlight Hogger”. Boy, she could talk – she talked from beginning to the end. Even when she needn’t talk, she talked! *sigh*

It feels like a mosquito buzzing around our ears – bet you know how irritating that is. Anyway, as the meeting came to a close, I presented an issue to the members for consideration. I did not even had the opportunity to finish my sentence and I was interrupted by the Spotlight Hogger. Even when I politely asked for the person to let me finish my sentence, the person did not stop interrupting. The Spotlight Hogger insisted on presenting her thoughts and decision. No other committee members interrupted me except this person.

I was cheezed. Yeah, I was boiling inside. I was not even imposing my decision/thoughts but merely presenting an issue for consideration and here this person is slamming the door smack in my face.

Before I boil over, I had to raise my voice “just a little” and insisted she has the decency and professionalism to allow me to finish my sentence. If Ihad my way I would have smacked her or taped her mouth.

Anwyay, the meeting ended without me having to smack her or tape her mouth but it did leave a bitter taste in my mouth. Do you have Spotlight Hoggers in your company, friends or meetings? If you do, you need to identify them early so that you will not be shocked and better able to manage them.


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