5th Floor “Hissing” Experience

This morning when I arrived in my office, I noticed that one of my staff had a plastic bottle kept in the basket of his bike. The thing that made me take note was there was something moving in the bottle.

So I went to check it out. Guess what I found in there. It was a baby python. I estimate is to be about 6-inches long. According to my staff, he found the baby python under his sofa at home. Even more surprising is that he stays in an apartment located on the 5th floor.

All of us in the office ( yeah, we’re all kinda intrigued by this ) were busy speculating how did the python got there. This particular staff even had the humor to joke that there may be other family members around. If there is a baby python, then there may be a daddy and mummy phython.

Kinda gives me the goosebumps. I guess heights is no deterrant to our animal friends if they want to come visiting ya?

So some of you may ask what to do with the python now. According to my staff, he wants to keep the baby python. I think it is against the law but then it is his decision.


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