Acha Acha Le…. Hiding Behind Trees

I was out in the city running some errands. Thought I drop by a local petrol station to top-up my fuel.

The petrol station I went to was located at a traffic light intersection. As I was waiting for the pump to fill my car petrol tank, I noticed 4 traffic police officers. Being Malaysians, you would have guessed what I want to say.

Out of the 4, 3 of them were hiding behind some tall bushes and a car occassionally peering out to see if there are any “victims”. The one other officer was playing the role of a scout or spotter. He positioned himself near the petrol station also hiding behind a van. When there is a driver who broke the law coming near, one of them would “hop” out like a bunny rabbit to halt the driver.

Being officers of the law, catching and issuing summons to drivers who break the law is fine. The thing I find it strange and sometimes amusing is why behave like Hindustan movie stars? If I were to capture their antics on video (which I didn’t for fear of being ticked off) and insert a typical indian song, then *walla* we have a movie.

Well, what can I say. Perhaps this is what they learn in police academy – how to peek, how to peer, how to hide, etc.


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