LOST without Connection

In a world and time such as this, we are always on the go. Everthing that happens around us does not “crawl” by but “ZOOOOOMS” by.

Today has been an exceptionally painful day. Why? Simply because the internet connection is either not there are is moving slower than a snail. So much work to do, so many deadlines to meet and yet I am not able to “breeze” through this day and got all my work clogged up all because of my internet connectivity problem 😦

I tried every computer or internet service at my disposal and yet the results were the same – Slooooooow … *OUCH* As a citizen of this era, we are very much LOST when we’re without our mobile devices, i.e. phone, notebooks, internet, etc. It is sad isn’t it. I suppose we can run but we cannot hide. Technology is here to stay and plays a critical role in our lives. Today is a perfect example. Not that I am without connection but a rotten connection is enough to throw a spanner into my day.

*Sigh* Whatever happened to our simple lives when we’re not controlled by the internet or devices?


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