Typical Asian Parents

SPM results will be announced tomorrow. Am sure there will be a number of nervy souls from now till actual announcement of the results. Question is who is more nervous/excited – parents or kid?

In the asian context, the norm is for parents to push their children to aim for the skies. Anything lesser than a “perfect” result may be deemed a failure. Is it surprising that we are such examination oriented society today? It is as if our entire future hinges on this examination result  alone.

An argument is that the children in the current millennium has to strive harder because of peer pressure. I like to say besides peer pressure, there is also the pressure from society’s expectations. Though it is absolutely not true, failure to get a good result may be frowned upon. Even parents have “peer” pressures. Ever seen parents comparing and commenting on the results of each other’s children? Why did they have to do that? Why the busybody eh? Are you comparing to satisfy your ego or to encourage?

Look at the very successful people today. They will attest that “perfect” examination results to not guarantee a bright future. It helps but does not guarantee. So many of the successful people today do not have any qualifications nor high level studies and yet they are successful.

A wise man once told me that achieving the perfect result or studying in the highest level proves that we are able to learn. That’s it!

So what about me? I admit I was not the brightest in the country, school nor in class but I did pass all my exams with Grade 1. I was always in the top class thorough my studying years. Now I am an Entrepreneur with 4 businesses. Was it my exam results that got me here? Yes and No. It helped me to learn but above all it us character, passion, belief and God!

Parents and youth, if you are reading this, do not be mis-led. Enjoy your studying years. It’s some of the best years of your life. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the learning. Exam the learning (yeah, no typo error here). Do your best but do not be discouraged or depressed if results do not go your way.

My Heartiest Congratulations to the scorers of SPM. If you did not score as well, do not fret. The future is still extremely bright! Look forward and step forward! Your future is waiting for you!



2 thoughts on “Typical Asian Parents

  1. Indeed. Nowadays, certificate is more important than working experience. To get a job, no problem; but to get higher position, no way. Unless self employ. That y getting a certificate is not enough, a flying color certificate is much better!
    All the best for the students! ^^
    Just my personal point of view.

  2. Your comments are valid Eric… Many companies have a scale where renumeration is paid according to the degree of qualifications. That is why sometimes candidates with real potential are missed-out because of this.

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