Marriage into Oblivion

How are you as a communicator? Do you communicate much in your relationship?

What sparked off this topic is I have been sitting here in a local cafe for the past 20minutes and a few tables away from me sits an elderly couple whom has not spoken (inc eye contact) for the past 20mins. I am saying communication of any form is an absolute zip! I don’t know about you but I find such a scene sad.

I am not saying that we have to be talkative to communicate. Our spouse should be our best friend, confidante, etc. I have heard many couples commenting that after years of marriage, they run out of things to say to each other or even lose the joy of being in each other’s presence. It is even more so for couples with children.

While I understand some of their perspectives, I strongly believe that couples must put in effort to keep communication in the marriage, especially the sparks. Remember the courting times? Remember when you’re newly weds? So many memories shared. One cannot simply put the responsibility on the other spouse nor blame circumstances.

There are so many distractions in this world – work, bills, tv, children, etc – if we are not careful, the cost we pay is possibly our marriage.  What myself and wife learnt in our marriage is the word “Marriage Time”. Marriage time requires sacrifice, maybe not the word sacrifice but definitely requires a conscientious effort to get away from all distractions (yes, including children). Marriage time can be once, twice a week and anytime from 1hour and beyond. Key is it must be pursued and consistent. This is where communication is maintained and grows, and of course the spark!

So couples out there WAKE UP! Time to do something before your communication /spark in your marriage slides into oblivion.


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