Watsons with “Attitude”

Myself and wife had about the most unpleasant shopping experience in Watsons Pavilion.

Being regulars there, we again went there to purchase some items. This time round, the experience was shocking. Before the shocks begin, my compliments to the cashiers who were excellent in their attitude/service but that is where the feel good factor ends…

As in any shopping trips, sometimes we need to pick and select. As my wife was doing this, I observed the following (from a corner):

  1. First staff was pre-occupied with giving my wife a “look” instead of offering help
  2. Second staff was unwilling to answer when asked questions on some products
  3. Third staff was also staring at my wife with a “look”

All incidents happened in sequence and the 1st/3rd staff stopped only upon noticing me observing their actions. I also believed how this sequence of events came to be is because they were bad-mouthing us behind our backs which resulted in their actions above.

My questions:

  1. Is it not the right of customers to look around and select which items to purchase?
  2. Is it better for a staff to offer help instead of giving customers a “look” and attitude?
  3. Is it acceptable for staffs to bad-mouth customers?

This had never happened anywhere. I was absolutely horrified with these 3 staffs and their attitude.

Will we ever shop there again? It remains to be seen!

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