Common Courtesy Flushed!

Common Courtesy or Common Sense.

Whichever word it may be, it is very apparent that some people has no such vocab in their head.

Am sure each one of you will have at least an experience to share but I just wish to share 3 incidences:

  1. Last week I attended an awesome convention. During one of the tea-breaks, while myself and wife was having a drink, we placed our plate of food on a mini round table next to us. Guess what happen next. A wise-guy came along and threw a stick on the table, nearly missing our plates. He had apparently just finished his stick of food and decided to dispose of the stick at a table “anywhere”
  2. Spitting. Yucks! Spitting comes in many forms, one of the popular form is spitting from the car. I have come so close so often to have one of these people spit land on my car. Do they have no respect?
  3. Littering in condo. Some people really love to dispose their rubbish out their windows instead of using a bin. I won’t even want to start naming the items that they throw.

If I had my way, I would “hammer” some sense into the head of these people. Perhaps then they will have some degree of respect towards the people around them


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