McDonalds Snub

Had an experience just now in McDonalds – Kelana Jaya outlet. Unfortunately it was an unpleasant experience. The last time I was there years ago, the service was average. Apparently it has not progressed much.

The first impression as I stepped into the place was the bunch of delivery guys sitted on the right. I suppose with no deliveries they had to entertain themselves. In other words, they were quite noisy!

Then comes the order counter. There were only 2 counters opened and both had a queue. We picked one line and waited our turn. Lo and behold when it came to our turn, the cashier conveniently closed the counter and walked away. Eh? What the……?

We had no choice but to move to the next counter and queue all over again. We made a complaint but unsurprisingly nobody bothered to explain or apologise. Again, we were conveniently ignored! Excellent customer service eh? At least the 2nd counter attendant (guy) was pleasant and smiling. Looking around, he was the only person smiling. Everybody else was either enjoying partying among themselves or looking absolutely miserable.

If you’re a Management team of McDonalds, then you may want to review your training or employee motivation. Today’s experience reflects badly on your company!

4 thoughts on “McDonalds Snub

  1. Haha! I would think McDonald’s could not care less about the attitudes of the workers in the outlets. McD’s business is not selling burgers. They are selling the franchise. They can just easily blame the owner of the outlet for the mess and get away scott free!

    Anyway, the service industry in Malaysia sucks big time. No one bothers. As customers we only know how to complain when service sucks but seldom compliment when service is excellent. We fuss when we are charged for service and often times are very, very reluctant to pay for service. Most people’s view of service fee is akin to daylight robbery. Thus when no one is willing to pay for service, how can we get good service?

    A good example is when someone buys a new laptop or notebook PC. Within the warranty period, anything that goes wrong with the PC will mean the owner going back to the shop and complaining and demanding that things be fixed. Often times the faults are not hardware failures (which is what the warranty is for) but users errors i.e. virus infection, corrupted files, programs that misbehave etc. These faults are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty but try telling that to the customer. The customer will demand things to be fixed and will be unwilling to pay. Is that fair? Who do we have to blame for poor service? It’s partly our own fault.

  2. If Malaysia Boleh, then they hav to serioulsy look into raising the standard poll for SERVICE industry!
    There and again…who wud?
    those who would will certainly soar in msia market as few would!

  3. Stevaunne, I completely agree with you that whoever can provide “excellent” service “consistently” can almost certainly see a great growth in their biz. Unfortunately now, only the 5-stars establishments provide excellent service but even then may be inconsistent.

  4. KK, for starters, myself and wife are willing to pay more for good service. Moreoever, it is our practice to give feedback – not so much to criticize but with the hope that these people will improve. For those go the extra mile or simply provide good service, we regularly give them “tips” so as to encourage them. As you said, it is important they while they do good, we too must be generous with our praises/compliments. At the same time if service sucks, then us consumers must speak up

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