Same Company – Different People – Different Results

Is it not strange that how much a difference different people can bring within a same company? Somehow, it is the people who are pro-active, good listener, good communicator that makes a positive impression and bring progress in any matter/situation.

Bosch Malaysia, whom we have had problems have alas sent the right person to “communicate” with us and help us solve the problem. As I mentioned to one of the Bosch staff, the product is fine but it is the people that is causing all the problems. Incidentally, the Bosch personnel that met us was a newcomer to Bosch and he made an excellent effort in resolving our problems.

In any business, people are the greatest asset. It is this “asset” that can make or break a company. It can also elevate a company from good to extraordinary.

In conclusion, it is wonderful to see Bosch not only focusing on producing quality products but also now, making effort in bringing quality service oriented staff. I trust we can confidently say we can expect a better experience with Bosch in the future. 


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