VIP and Fanfare

How often have you had to drive aside to make way for VIPs with siren-blaring escorts? Kinda makes us wonder sometimes if they are really necessary. After all we are tax-payers right?

Anyway, I had the fortunate and memorable experience of coming across our His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia and family in a local shopping mall not too long ago. I was strolling around minding my own business browsing books when I walked past a gentleman. It suddenly hit me that this gentleman looks very familiar. It then occurred to me that the gentleman I just walked past was our Malaysian King. Awesome!

I had never in my wildest dream imagined I would see him in person.  Anyway, the most memorable and awesome part is His Majesty was like any normal man, so much so that I was able to freely walk past him. I thought if His Majesty comes out, he would be surrounded by guards or even have the venue sealed off for security. Mind you, we’re referring to the Royal family. I looked around and surely there were only 2 bodyguards and a uniformed security guard. Even then they were not stuck to him like glue. Overall, the escorts were low-profile.

I pointed out His Majesty to my wife and they were so low-profile that even she had to look around to identify him. My wife had asked me to approach him to shake his hands which I truly believe was possible (after all, I did walk past him) but I didn’t. Am not quite sure if it was cause I was shy or too shocked to meet our King in public.

I must say I respect His Majesty’s attitude and simplicity. I have nothing but my utmost respect for His Majesty. 

Then 2 days ago, while in a shopping mall also, I noticed an “entourage” of bodyguards and security guards escorting 2 ladies. Am not sure who they were but there were definitely a big presence and the escorts even formed a “ring” around the 2 ladies.

I cannot help but compare this experience to that of my encounter with His Majesty. Our King didn’t make any fuss and kept a low profile and here we have VIP (assumed) wanting the whole public to know that they’re here.

To our King, your Royal Highness, it was a pleasure to have seen you and so wonderful to see that you’re indeed close to your subjects and confident/comfortable enough to walk around without fear nor fanfare.


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