BOSCH ….. what’s up thus far?

Seems that our issue with Bosch has attracted quite significant interest from many readers. It is so prominent that some of you (who knows us well) actually called to ask for updates.

Well, we were definitely quite upset with the whole issue. Looking at the issue, if the people in Bosch Malaysia had been more open and responsive, the issue would have been resolved easier and faster. As in any communication, it has gotta to be 2-ways else what is the point ya?

Anyway, we were both very upset that we decided to shelve the issue aside for a few days. Late last week, my wife in her wisdom had the idea to go to God in prayer for this matter. Well, God did say to depend on him 100% and in every circumstance.

Unsurprisingly, God gave my wife a message and as we remain obedient to His word and direction, He will surely help us. We prayed as the way He led us to and then sat quietly for Him to “work”.

What happened next is amazing.

Today Bosch Malaysia called. They sounded completely different. While they were adamant that we follow their way, today they sounded very apologetic. They requested to meet us to discuss the matter to find a resolution. In fact they mentioned they are willing to listen and help.

What can I say? Our Lord never fails.

We are looking forward to meet the representatives from Bosch Malaysia and closing the case.


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