BOSCH…the Saga Continues

Bosch is now a very well remembered and known name in my family, relatives and close friends – all for the wrong reasons.  For the past week or so, there had been no communications between Bosch Malaysia and ourselves. It is very obvious that they are not interested in solving the problem. As a matter a fact, from the day one of communication, they had displayed a distinct lack of interest to listen, understand or respond.

Bosch Malaysia is definitely more interested in us buying their products but not returning to them should faults appear. It’s kinda I want your money but not any problems.

Not surprisingly the regional office in Singapore and the headquarters are also of the same attitude. Nobody bothers to reply nor offers any help.

The top guy in Bosch Malaysia himself ain’t of much help either. He would not even speak to us over the phone. The only media he uses to communicate with us is via email or through the staff. I guess he, being the top guy, will not lead by example and is too high & mighty to speak to normal consumers like us. I wonder if he would have responded differently if I had some fancy title in front of my name or am the CEO of a listed company….

As one of our readers rightly pointed out, the issue is not with the product as we believe the products are still of good quality (with exception to my dryer machine) but the HR. The people in Bosch Malaysia’s attitude towards customer service and problem solving does not commensurate with the brand and cost of their products.  Their attitude is “my way or the highway”.

At a time like this when the people are more aware of their consumer rights, a corporate with this attitude is being suicidal and may be experiencing a slow death.


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