Monday is Time to Rock & Roll

I know how most people feel about monday. I am no different. I suppose we can be like everybody else and sing the blues or look up and “Rock the World”. If we sing the blues, we will probably sink deeper into the monday depression.

I miss saturday and sunday but with so many things on the book to do, there is no time to self-pity :p Ain’t going to change the situation. So might as well stand up and impact the world.

I suppose one of the factors that gives me the blue is that I am stuck in the office now more than previously. When I was just involved in my consultation businesses, I am a free bird. My most common activities are having teh-tarik or Starbucks coffee with clients to chit-chat else be in bookstores to read books. Ahhhhh…the good old days. Ever since I gotten involved with my trading business, I am kinda stuck in the office. Not that I am not free, just that I need to spend more time in the office to build the business and team.

I am looking forward to the maturing of the team so that the business can be independent of me. Until then, I guess I have to adapt and be motivated to reach my goal quicker.I suppose there is a price to pay for every business and I am the paying the price now. Well, paying the price is bearable as long as I know the end result is worthy of the sacrifice.

I am a very mobile person – marketing person – a people person. I like to be where the action or people are. A desk job will bore me to death. I recall the days when I was working for a Singapore group of companies. I was seldom in the office. In fact when I was in the office, I would not be at my desk. I am always “somewhere” in the building. I remember the poor receptionist had a difficult time tracking me to pass me a call :p She would always complain to me that I do not stay in one place.

Well, I am a lot more matured now but still a highly mobile person. I am waiting for the day when I am free to soar again (out of the office)….

With the Lord beneath my wings, I am going to soar!

One thought on “Monday is Time to Rock & Roll

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