Darn Staff…I am going to scream your head off!








Yeah, you read it right. I am just so frustrated with a staff in my company. Total lack of responsibility and respect. What is happening to our workforce today, especially the young people?

This guy I am referring to is a very intelligent chap. I admire his intelligence and potential but definitely not his attitude. He keeps saying he needs money. That was why I hired him firstly so that he can earn a living. He didn’t seem intelligent during interview sessions and his potential only began to revel after a month or so.

Have been doing my best to encourage him and even warn him on the severity of his actions and yet it continues. He will come to work punctually and perform admirably for a few days and then disappear into the abyss for 2-3 days before being normal again.

In our company, we penalise anyone who is absent from work without notice. Because of the habit of the people, the penalty rate has increased to RM80 per incident and yet it continues. They will complain about having limited money to spend and yet they are willing to pay the RM80. Mind you, this chap especially is absent without notice at least 2-3 times a month.

I have about had it with him. I am ready to explode in his face anytime. If all the advice, counselling and penalty cannot help him break free from this bad habit, then perhaps I should just serve him a termination letter and save everyone the hassle and frustration.


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