What Women Want

Women are indeed unique and fascinating creature. They are about the simplest and yet most difficult to understand. Kinda contradicting eh?

Recently I went to a movie with my wife, as part of our Valentine’s Day programme and watched the movie (HK version) “What Women Want”. I must say the concept is most fascinating. Like most of us guys, we sometimes fail to grasp the thoughts/desires of our ladies. Has it ever crossed your mind “how good it is to be able to hear the voice of your lady’s inner thoughts”? That will be handy won’t it?

Many a times, a lady may not be very straightforward with their thoughts/desires. They will say something and we guys had better listen. Yeah, first step is listen and realize that you’re being talked to. Then comes the most important part – understanding and interpretation!

Here’s a tip! You may make a mistake mi-interpretating what you heard but if you’re uncertain, ask if you understood correctly. Of course, do all of these with patience and a smile on your face.

Hey, who says is it easy to be a guy!

One last tip! Ever wonder why some guys get ticked off for giving a camera to his gf/wife as a gift? Simply because gift isn’t her love language. You need to find out the person’s love language. Check out this book. It is great!

What is your love language and your loved ones?


Check this out! Must read book

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