Chinese New Year antics

NickG is back! Yeah, it’s been a hot, hectic and “full” Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is about families coming together. Unofficially, it is also about food (loads of it),  money (from spending to prepare for CNY to giving or receiving of angpau) and of course the regular hot weather.

I have eaten my fair share of food. Whichever meal it is, it is definitely abundance of food for every meal. I too weigh myself every other day and as expected, have increased in weight (but only a little *whew*).  At least my weighing machine did not run away from me nor did my bed break :p 

We had relatives who returned to Malaysia during this CNY and were they impressed (actually they were shocked) by the amount of food eaten. According to them, one could easily misunderstand that CNY is only about eating and nothing else. One other comment that tickled my funny bone was that with all the eating, it is a surprise that there are still so many slim people around. hahahaha….

Are you the giver or receiver?

Angpau……contributes to make our bank accounts lighter for those who give and heavier for those who receive. Once upon a time I belonged to the group that was “collecting”. It was fun and something to look forward to. Angpau was definitely a motivating factor to go visiting. Of course uncles/aunties who give more are the favourites.

Is this the trend of the future?

Unfortunately I am no longer eligible to receive. *sigh*.  It is better to give than receive right? Good way to comfort oneself 🙂

Perhaps what we need is some creative ways to disburse the angpau. Those who receive will appreciate it more and those who give will be spared the “suffering”?

Whatever it is, Chinese New Year is always a joyful time. So no matter it is about food, angpau, families, friends, etc., it is a blessed time.


6 thoughts on “Chinese New Year antics

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